Behind LoreTree

I’m Stefania Bellini and I created LoreTree in 2010, right after getting my degree in Fashion and Costume design.

Initially a sperimental line of handmade clothing, LoreTree soon became a collection of whimsical wedding dressses for alternative brides and a service of bespoke wedding gowns for a completely unique design.

Under the LoreTree you can also find an every-day collection which combines comfort and elegant lines.

The Goddesses' Lore

All of my designs are named after Goddesses and queens.

As archetypes they tell us all about our strenght and individuality.

Each of them has a very peculiar personality and power that inspired me during the creation of my gowns which are very different from the traditional wedding dresses.

They are bold and simple at the same time, light and ethereal thanks to the selection of fabrics I made through the years.

I’m at your disposal, both in person or on remote, to help you through the process of choosing your wedding gown and to understand which lines best enhance your figure and your personality.

All gowns are designed and sampled by me in the studio and I make the clients’ dresses  to order in their specific measurements.

Mantaining an absolute control over all the phases of  the creative process I can offer a lot of flexibility in accommodating requested adjustments or alteration to the original designs.




Natural materials

I choose to work exclusively with natural fibers.

They respect your natural skin balance and they maintain the perfect body temperature.

After many years of research I have been able to select the best natural fibers for my creations: wool and linen for my everyday collection and the silk in all her expressions, absolute queen of my bridal collection.

I do love hand-dyeing my silks and experimenting with natural colors, personally extract from plants and vegetables. The process reminds me of magic potions and the colors are out of this world! Warm ivory from tea leaves, vivid yellow from artichokes, romantic dusty rose from wine leftover and so on: Mother Nature always surprises me.

My little studio is located in the countryside of a small village in the North of Italy.


The calm country life are crucial to find my daily inspiration. The countryside also gifts me to all the ingredients I need for my hand dyeing experiments.

Unique designs

The main purpose of my work is to enhance the unique beauty of every woman.

If you love my collection but you are dreaming of a Unique wedding dress, I will be happy to work with you to create it!

The communication between us will be pivotal to help me understand your wishes and personality.

I will draw personalized sketches and once we decide on the design I will start making your gown in your exact measurements.

From the pattern to the sewing, with particular attention to the finishing exclusively sewn by hand, your unique wedding dress will come to life!

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If you dream of a unique dress, packaged by hand, which enhances your body and your personality, contact me.