Coprispalle in chiffon di seta

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Etereo coprispalle in chiffon di seta con maniche a 3/4.

Si può indossare anche come sciarpina!


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4 recensioni per Coprispalle in chiffon di seta

  1. Sara Fennell

    I ordered a custom wedding gown from LoreTree a little while ago, and thought I may just need a little bit of coverage on my arms before and after the ceremony… Stefania made a shrug to match my gown perfectly. I couldn't be more happy and excited!!! So Beautiful!!!

  2. KittyGirl33

    Just what I was looking for. A+++ seller, fast shipment. Thank you!!

  3. ayact

    I fell in love with this shrug at the first glance. The sleeves were a little shorter than I wanted them to be, so I made a request for longer sleeves. The arrived shrug were perfectly made for me! Thanks a lot!

  4. Mabel Ki


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